The Story A Video Can Tell You: Old Spice and The Scarecrow

Both of these videos dabbled around different strategies. I want to first look at The Scarecrow video and analyze its strategies. The purpose of this video was to provoke emotion, involve present and future consumers about the underlying issues that fall behind the food industry, much that you don’t see so heavily portrayed in other commercials.


You have the simple, kind-hearted, protagonist that is designed to connect with the viewers, to allow them to feel the scarecrow’s emotions. The next strategy that was used effectively in this video was the storytelling of what goes on behind the scenes in food production and preparation, unveiling the many layers that many do not see or have a full understanding (SWOT Analysis, 2014). This storytelling is done in a friendly, child-like animated setting; it was done tastefully as oppose to seeing real life chickens being injected with hormones, something that many individuals would not be able to stomach properly and let’s face it, PETA is already on that game, so it’s obvious that Chipotle wanted to take a different route than that. As the video progresses, the emotion by the end has completely evolved from unsettling and depressing to a much more stable happy-ending type feeling and displaying the slogan “Cultivate A Better World.”


As for Old Spice, they purposely chose the humorous route for the purpose of attracting all audiences. As stated in the video, women were the most frequent body wash shoppers, so how could this brand solicit their name to this particular demographic, well with the immediate idea of making their man smell like a man while using a fairly attractive individual to lure them into the commercial. Isaiah Mustafa was a perfect candidate in selling this brand through his clear communication with viewers through each commercial by nonstop eye contact, short, right-to-the-point messages and the constant discussion of smell. He did not so much criticize the brand itself, but created a whole new aesthetic for Old Spice for present and hopefully new consumers.


Clearly this campaign was effective in triggering millions real-time responses from viewers all over the world. With the constant engagement, various lucky viewers would have the opportunity to have their message featured in some of the upcoming commercials. But with such high popularity that wasn’t always the case and even with that viewers were trying harder and harder to have their messages featured. Keeping consumers constantly engage with what is going on helps build success. The constant production of Old Spice commercial set in the same format continued to lead to the brand’s growth amongst various social media platforms.

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Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. SWOT Analysis. (2014). Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. SWOT Analysis, 1-8.


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