Cracking the Home Depot Content Marketing Code

Since 2009, Home Depot implemented a social media strategy to stay competitive in their marketing. Initially, the plan was created by the company’s corporate communications department with a final say from the CEO.  Today, content marketing is so crucial that Innovation and Digital Chiefs call the shots.  Social media was integrated to engage with customers by providing stimulating visual content on their website.  This allows the brand to convey a message and let people that love home projects connect.   Videos of actual employees are posted on Youtube, products aretweeted, and relationships are being created online.  Here is a recent tweet from a Home Depot employee to engage consumers: #Springalloutforless .  It shows a photos of house planters and lawnmowers for low prices.

HomeDepot-ArticleSpring products – lower prices

One test is the corporate communications team isn’t able to evaluate all content before it is posted to the Home Depot How-To-Community”.   All subject matter is reviewed within 48 hours.   Plumbing and electrical updates are given extra careful review

Overall the strategy is very effective because the store associates were chosen to provide content, and have in-depth product knowledge.  Also, like-minded individuals can connect in the community where they find value.


Home Depot spokesperson Kathryn Emery told brandchannel, “The power of social media is amplification. Social media allows for trending topics, current events or emerging movements to take off and memes have become one of the main conduits to spur the proliferation”.  Entrepreneur states humor in social media humanizes and surprises, and that is certainly agreeable.



Photo credit: Slideshare. Retrieved from:

Gioglio, J. , & Walter, E. (2014).The Power of Visual Storytelling. Chicago: McGraw-Hill Education.


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